Deschutes River Conservancy News

Cascade Views Podcast – Protecting the Deschutes River Basin

On this episode of Cascade Views, Sipe sits down with the DRC’s Kate Fitzpatrick to discuss water, the DRC’s mission, and the role of the Deschutes River Conservancy in the Deschutes River Basin and Central Oregon community. 

700 Adult Chinook Salmon Are Moving into the Upper Basin

PGE has reported that 700 Spring Chinook have passed through the complex into the upper basin, a sharp increase from 180 Chinook last year. The is cause for celebration in the journey to help restore habitat, passage, and streamflow in the basin.

Celebrating the 35th Anniversary of the Instream Rivers Act

Did you know that permanently protecting flows in Oregon’s rivers wasn’t always possible? Today is the 35th anniversary of Oregon’s Instream Water Act. Thanks to this forward-thinking act, Oregon has become a leader in voluntary streamflow restoration.

Notes From the Field – Collaborative Team Meeting With COID

Recently, the Deschutes River Conservancy engaged in a collaborative meeting with the Freshwater Trust, Central Oregon Irrigation District (COID), Bureau of Reclamation, and AMP Insights in a two-part trip to discuss upcoming projects and explore current job sites.

Notes from the Field – A Trip to Boundless Farmstead

This past April, the DRC was presented with the opportunity to visit Boundless Farmstead, a 20-acre farm just east of Bend in Alfalfa, Oregon. The farm is owned and operated by Megan and David Kellner-Rode, both of whom are committed to growing the best quality crop with sustainable and waste-reducing strategies in mind.