Annual Reports & Newsletters

2023 Impact Report and 2022 Financial Review

The Deschutes River Conservancy’s 2023 Impact Report showcases the significant strides made in addressing severe drought issues, focusing on enhancing streamflows and the overall health of the Deschutes Basin.

2021 Impact Report and 2020 Financials

This year’s report includes a message from our executive director, a closer look at our approach in the basin, our current main initiatives, how we’re responding to a changing climate, a look at 25 years of flow restoration, a review of our 2020 financials, and our 2020 supporter acknowledgments. 

2019 Annual Report

In light of the pandemic and unpredictable revenue during that time, we chose to send out a postcard updating our supporters on what we’ve been doing. Take a look at our 2019 accomplishments and main initiatives. 

2018 Annual Report

This issue of the Deschutes River Conservancy’s RiverVoice includes: The 2018 Flow Restoration Report, instream restoration, DRC’s 2018 Financial Summary, What We Learned From the Basin Study, Recognition of 2018’s Donors and Supporters

2017 Annual Report

Includes the 2017 Flow Restoration Report, Project Updates on the Basin Study and McKay Creek, A Ten-Year Look at Restoration in Whychus Creek, and the Introduction or the DRC’s New Blog Series. View the 2017…

2016 Annual Report

Includes the 2016 Flow Restoration Report, Tools to Create A Healthy Deschutes, McKay Creek’s Missing Link, and a Message from DRC Executive Director, Tod Heisler. View the 2016 Annual Report

2015 Annual Report

Includes the 20 Year Flow Restoration Report, DRC Streamflow Restoration Progress Report, Neighbors of the River, What You Need to Know About the Deschutes, Together We Can Restore the Deschutes River, and a Message From…